Breach announcements

Hack on South Carolina data: criminal; act of international cyber terrorism: huh?

[note: the links are no longer active, apologies] In this example, the press takes advantage of recent comments about a “cyber Pearl Harbor” and implies that what looks like a case of identity theft for the purposes of tax and credit card fraud is an international cyber attack on the U.S. by our enemies. The press release … Continue reading

Being an InfoSec Professional / Cybersecurity

SWAT Teams, Power Rangers and Nerds with an edge

As you work in the Information Security field, you realize you can classify your peers into three groups. I guess the title gives away what they are. But it is true. You have the mil-intel-nation-state-attack-vector types. They think of Information Security as an extension of warfare in virtual space. They are often very strong on … Continue reading


Encryption & efficiency

A link about encryption from Bruce Schneier’s latest Cryptogram.  A useful scheme with current business application.  What is noteworthy is that the article mentions that the solution is not yet efficient for business use.  But no metrics are provided.  It is common that security is resisted with phrases like “inefficient”, “negative user impact” and ” … Continue reading