Principles of Data Privacy & Security

Security Current took my 7 articles about Data Privacy & Security and combined them into an e-book:

The CISO’s Guide to Principles of Data Privacy & Security

Below are links to the original series found at on the principles of Data Privacy & Security practices.  For recent blog posts on this site, please select from the links to the right.  

1.     Introduction: First Principles of Security and Privacy

Some data have always been big.   Read More

2.     Notice of Privacy Practices—the first principle of first principles

Imagine you belong to one of the largest, most well-known organizations in the world. Read More

 3.     I am Not a Number, I am a Bunch of Numbers

We’ve both been awake for a while now.  We’re almost done.  I know what she wants.   Read More

4.     The second principle: Consent– the Part of ‘Yes’ that We Don’t Necessarily Understand

Consent is the most widely known principle of data privacy and security.

Please click  [I AGREE] if you agree to continue reading.

If you do not agree to continue reading, please click [I DECLINE].

 Read More

5.     Being Data – the Third Principle: Participation

If everyone owns the data, then no one does.   Read More

6.    Not like the others – the fourth principle: Security

It is strange, till you think about it, that confidentiality is not the same as privacy.    Read More

Other posts on the subject:

The EU’s efforts to define a right to be forgotten and the recent Supreme Court decision about how privacy is protected on cell phones go hand in hand.

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