Big Data

A people-centric view of a data-centric world

Download the complete ebook here: Big Data- slipping its moorings

I am not a number– I am a data point.  How cohorts create a loophole in privacy and identity.

Read the original versions of the ebook chapters in SecurityCurrent (see below)

1. Big Data and Us little people.

The argument goes that if we all understand each other’s roles relative to any given data point then the world of data itself, the data-centric system,  can be understood.

What if that’s not entirely true?

 click here for more

2. The Point Beside the Point

If we live in a data-centric world, it is still true that data are more immediate for some than for others. click here for more

3. Anti-Viral

Aggregating is the inverse of broadcasting.  click here for more

4. For Whom the Bell Curve Tolls

People prefer to choose the groups they are in.  click here for more

5. The Question of the Questions

If aggregation is becoming a monopoly of knowledge, then we need to ask some questions sooner than later.  click here for more.

6. Afterthoughts

The train of thought kicked up a lot of dust as it went by.  After the dust settled, there were these other things to consider click here for more.

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