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Cyber Security professionals need to help stop cyberbullying

Protecting data confidentiality, integrity and availability are not enough. We also must promote the ethical use of cyber space.  And that starts by making sure it is not a place where anyone, especially children, can be harmed and exploited. An organization in Ireland does a great job of promoting this important effort: Continue reading

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Honest, Mom, lots of kids failed that test

The media are certainly becoming more sophisticated at reporting on data breaches and web site hacks.   And as that happens, corporate communications departments are freer to craft ever more sophisticated messages about a breach/hack involving their organization.  The new goal is to attempt to describe the organization as just the latest victim of an on-going attack … Continue reading

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CISO as consumer

There is no question that a large part of being an Information Security professional is using your judgement to keep your organization secure.  And, as with any profession, that means using and evaluating products (once they’re installed, they’re “tools”). Sometimes, you get asked about such things. See the link. Continue reading