I am not a number, I am a data point
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I am not a number, I am a data point

Identity has changed.  The post-World War II generation was concerned about being identified as a number. The sight of emaciated humans with identifying numbers tattooed on their inner forearms made this very real and very scary.  By the late 1960’s the TV show The Prisoner portrayed the hero objecting on a regular basis: “I am … Continue reading



Socrates happens on his old friend, Dedoméno.  He makes a new friend and has a conversation. DEDOMÉNO:  Socrates, it is a pleasure to see you on line SOCRATES:  Dedoméno, it is a surprise to see you.  I thought you were away. DEDOMÉNO:   Just so, Socrates.  But I am visiting my friend Clapper. SOCRATES:  Clapper?  The famous … Continue reading