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Awareness training always has an attitude

A lot depends on why you think you’re training people.  That motivation comes through in the attitude.  And that attitude has a lot to do with how successful the training is.  By my estimate, there are any number of nuanced attitudes but they more or less gravitate to one of three motives: We’re training you … Continue reading

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When is a breach notification not a breach notification (part three)?

When it is presidential primary news.  When the “family feud” is more newsworthy than the data.  When there are no less than four parties involved who one can identify as data custodians of one kind or another. In a single sentence, the incident can be described as follows (the four data custodians are numbered in … Continue reading

I am not a number, I am a data point
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I am not a number, I am a data point

Identity has changed.  The post-World War II generation was concerned about being identified as a number. The sight of emaciated humans with identifying numbers tattooed on their inner forearms made this very real and very scary.  By the late 1960’s the TV show The Prisoner portrayed the hero objecting on a regular basis: “I am … Continue reading

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Security and Privacy walk into a bar…

There can be no question that Security and Privacy are strongly related.  It would be easier if they were the same thing.  But they’re not, of course; there are differences.   This blog has never shied away from stating the obvious. This post tries to enumerate the significant differences between privacy and security: I.                    They come … Continue reading

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Cyber Security professionals need to help stop cyberbullying

Protecting data confidentiality, integrity and availability are not enough. We also must promote the ethical use of cyber space.  And that starts by making sure it is not a place where anyone, especially children, can be harmed and exploited. An organization in Ireland does a great job of promoting this important effort: Continue reading